Prototype/Cable Assembly

Cable Assemblies 

Here at Proto Service when we take on your project, we go all in! We provide quick turn, professional looking cables for all your engineering and assembly needs. With us you can always count on professionals and our capabilities allow us to take on low to production volume projects with ease. When it comes to cables, we can assemble, repair, re design, test and rework them. Our experience has accomplished some of the most difficult multi bundle cables the government has produced.  We strive to be the best! Let us know how we can help with your cable assembly needs.

Our Cable Processes

Follows These Steps


Receive Cable Parts or Materials


Evaluate the Cable
Components and Make Packet


Create the Cable
Process and Assign Technician


Perform Assembly


Testing and Quality Assurance of Fully
Assembled/Reworked Cable


Ship Complete

We are here to work with our customers to ensure that their needs are met. Our range of experience in cables allows our customer the satisfaction that their cables will be made right!

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Our Cable Capabilities

Span the Following

  • New Design
  • Design Change (REV)
  • Quick Turn
  • Small or Large Runs
  • Difficult Assemblies

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Our Cable Knowledge Covers an

Expansive Range of Capabilities

Examples of our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Wire to Board
  • Multiple Bundles
  • 4 AWG-38 AWG Wire
  • Specialty Custom Projects
  • Ability to Work With Most Types of Cable
  • Complex Custom Cables
  • Flex Cable
  • Ability for Quick Turn
  • Testing
  • Rework
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Design and Build Custom Cable Testers

Expectations for Your

Assembly Project

What to expect with our cable projects

Weather it be a simple cable or a tough bundle full of different cables, Proto Service has you covered! We have the experience of working on simple reworked USB cables to huge harnesses for our customers. Our experience and expertise make our customers feel confident in switching their cable production contractor over to Proto Service for reliability issues. Rest assured, we here for all your cable needs!

When is cable assembly needed
  • Engineering departments with cable prototypes needing to be built
  • New Designs
  • Pure prototype cable for testing
  • Design change (REV)
  • Old cables needing to be redesigned
  • Cables needing rework or repair
Benefits of Proto Service doing your cable project
  • Fast turnaround lead times
  • Good communication
  • Ability to make changes in process
  • Can do small or large volume runs
  • Ability to do some production runs if needed
  • Difficult assemblies
  • Ability to rework
  • Ability redesign old or outdated cables
What is required by you for us to get you a quote
  • Bill of materials (BOM) and drawings of the project
  • Quantity of Cables to be assembled
  • Time frame requested to have the project completed in
  • Will you provide parts for job or do we need to purchase?
Frequently asked questions about our cable assembly capabilities
  • Typical turnaround time?
    • Depends on the job, but we strive to have your project back to you within a week. Smaller jobs usually take 2-3 days. We do offer same day service on some projects.
  • Do you do molded cables?
    • No, we do not have molding capabilities, however we can rework/modify your molded cables.
  • Do you do specialty cables?
    • We have done many unique cables custom built for customers. Basically, everything that has been asked of us.
  • Can you do a partial order to get me started?
    • Yes, we can ship partial orders like 1 of each set, or 1 harness. We will try to work with you as best we can!
  • What length of cables can you accommodate?
    • We can do any length of cable that you need.

Tell Us About Your Assembly Project!

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Reach out to us for getting a quick quote for all your cable needs