Power Supply Repair

Commercial Power Supply Repair

Our power supply repair services offer your organization fast and consistent options that save our clients thousands of dollars. We pinpoint the error in operation, even down to the component level of the Indexer, and apply the best repair solution to quickly get you running at 100% again.

Our Power Supply Repair Process

Follows These Steps


Receive Power Supply
for Repair


Evaluate the Repair Requirements
for the Power Supply


Define the Repair Plan


Perform Needed or
Selected Repairs


Fully Load Testing and QA
of Power Supply


Shipping of
Completed Equipment

Our range of experience in repairs and refurbishment make it possible for our clients in the manufacturing and semiconductor industries to complete their most difficult projects.

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Our Power Supply Repair Capabilities Span the Following

  • Complete Refurbishment of the power supply
  • Selected Part Replacement
  • Diagnostics
  • Load testing
  • Cable Replacement
  • Board Level Repair/Replacement
  • Cross reference suitable replacements

This list is not exhaustive. Contact us today about your unique repair needs.

Our Power Supply Knowledge Covers an

Expansive Range of Equipment

Examples of equipment we repair include, but are not limited to:

  • Mean Well
  • Lambda
  • Cosel
  • Delta Electronics
  • Trip Lite
  • Vicore
  • Omron
  • Astron

Repair Tips and Expectations for

Power Supply Repair

Signs of a faulty power supply
  • No Power
  • Power fluctuation
  • Ticking
  • Low/missing voltage
  • Brown out during testing
Benefit of repair
  • Large Cost Savings over buying new replacement unit
  • Large Time savings without going through the procurement process
  • Ability to Repair the problem quickly and get back into service
  • Repairing/refurbish obsolete power supply units
Cost of repair

The cost can vary greatly depending on what kind of repair is needed or requested. That being the case it’s hard to put a dollar value on each of the listed possible repairs. We encourage you to call and talk to one of our specialists so you can get a better idea of what you may need and what the potential cost will be.

What to expect from Proto Service Inc.

You can expect quality and professional service when dealing with our company. We try very hard to make sure we are on top of your every need especially when it comes to needing a power supply quickly repaired.

Frequently asked questions about power supply repair
  • Are you able to replace Dials, Switches and Displays on my power supply?
    • Yes, Proto Service can replace the broken components on most power supplies. In some cases we would need to cross reference a new replacement part for obsolete pieces.
  • Is it possible to have Proto Service confirm that my power supply is in good working order?
    • Yes, Proto Service can evaluate and thoroughly test your supply to make sure it’s operating as the manufacture intended it to from the factory and supply you with a test report.
  • Is Proto Service able to determine what is wrong with my Power supply?
    • Yes – Proto Service can take in your power supply and fully test it to determine the issue you are seeing and let you know of any potential issues.
  • How long will it take for the power supply to be repaired?
    • The total repair time could include logistics and take up to three weeks depending on the repair. Most repairs are complete in the shop within a week’s time when the parts are in stock.
  • Who would I contact to get a quote for a repair?
    • You can contact us on the phone M-F 7am – 4pm CST @ (952)974-1594 or send us an email anytime at Info@ProtoSVC.Net and we will get back to you ASAP.
  • How do you handle logistics?
    • We are able to take standard deliveries here at our office and we offer the ability to use the service you request for return shipping. If you are a local business we can use a courier for shipments and for emergencies we offer to pickup and deliver personally.
  • What type of Power supply’s do you service?
    • We service a variety of different power supply devices. Please contact us at Info@ProtoSVC.Net and we can let you know if we service your device.

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