Yes, we can completely refurbish the board by replacing the electrolytic capacitors and make your motherboard functional again!

We can refurbish most motors and encourage you to contact us.

We have extensive experience with difficult repairs on boards with a large ground plane.

Our techs have repaired a variety of different power supplies from a simple linear power supply to high precision industrial switching supplies.

We offer same day service for priority emergency repairs and standard repairs generally take about a week depending on replacement part availability.

We offer on-site service to the Twin City metro area. Our on-site service is offered to our commercial customers in two ways:

  1. Customers that would like to have a repair tech on-site for a predetermined amount of time per week.
  2. Customers that need an immediate response to repair a down tool.

Yes we can! This is something we deal with on a daily basis. We will do our best to locate any documentation that is available but we are able to reverse engineer most products in order to complete a repair.

We have the capability to start and complete a new cable assembly from ordering parts to delivery of your order.

There has been no size limit that we can’t handle. We can assemble down to size 0105.

We offer same-day service on low quantity projects and to date there are no limitations on the ball grid package size.

Being that we support prototypes, we have built cables from one conductor to two inch bundles with multiple splits 75 feet long. We also build custom multi-core cables that are not able to be automated.