Repair Services

Our mission is to provide fast, consistently improving support to our client. We achieve this by our local presence and availability and going one step beyond our competition on our attention to detail in regards to troubleshooting - we will go all the way to the component level if need be.

We are willing and able to completely refurbish equipment (good as new) and not just do a band-aid job. This investment creates long-term cost savings for our clients.

We thrive on learning new pieces of equipment and ways to provide support.
Our currently supported equipment includes but are not limited to:

Providing repair, modification & refurbishment services of equipment for the electronics manufacturing & semiconductor industries


A Small Sample of Our Repair Services

Contact us for more information. Services: Assembly.
Electric Motors
Environmental Fan Controllers
Variable Frequency Drives
And More
RFI Trackers
Barcode Scanners
Power Supplies
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