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Proto Service, Inc. has been providing quick turn assembly, prototyping, and rework services to the electronics industry for more than 11 years and we welcome your most challenging projects.

We have assembled PC boards with over 30,000 contact points (at the time, classified as one of the world’s most difficult assemblies); assembled 30+ layer PC boards up to 1” thick and over 25” long; finalized development, documentation, and domestic sourcing of complex military assemblies; and added 58 components to a microprocessor – inside the package!

And we have done all of this in less time than many vendors can deliver you a quotation!

Our mission is to communicate well, respond and react quickly, remain flexible, and apply our technical expertise to deliver the highest quality available in the time you need it.

We are a highly experienced support company that acts as an extension of your company. We have been called a “valuable weapon” in our customers’ corporate logistics arsenal.